Agostini and me, 1983

I created the Artist Profiles Project in 2009 to showcase a loosely-defined group of artists I grew up around and admire, and the artists who, in turn, influenced them. As the blog grows, so does the number of artists featured. Even so, each remains connected to another, and although I present most of these artists individually, highlighting their unique merits, I hope that juxtaposing them brings out these connections, both the aesthetic and the mundane.

If you know (or knew) any of the artists included, feel free to post comments with your thoughts and stories about them.

Please email me with suggestions and corrections at artistprofilesproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

Alexis Cairns

Header image: Nicholas Cairns, “Dies Irae” (2009), oil on canvas, 37 x 68 inches